Norondor (norondor) wrote,

for endriller

•The Glory of Rome (Rome): +25% production towards any buildings that already exist in the Capital.
•The Great Warpath (Iroquois): Units spend only 1 Movement Point entering any tile with a Forest.
•Manifest Destiny (America): All land military units have +1 sight range, 25% discount when purchasing tiles.
•Trade Caravans (Arabia): +1 gold from each Trade Route, and Oil resources provide double quantity.
•Sacrificial Captives (Aztecs): gains Culture for the empire from each enemy unit killed.
•Art of War (China): Effectiveness and spawn rate of Great Generals increased
•Monument Builders (Egypt): +20% production towards Wonder construction.
•Sun Never Sets (England): +2 movement for all naval units.
•Ancien Regime (France): +1 culture per turn from Cities before discovering Steam Power.
•Furor Teutonicus (Germany): Upon defeating a Barbarian unit inside an encampment, there is a 50% chance you earn 25 gold and they join your side.
•Hellenic League (Greece): City-State influence degrades at half rate and recovers and twice normal rate.
•Population Growth (India): Unhappiness from number of cities doubled, Unhappiness from number of Citizens halved.
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